Texas Continuing Education Information

We have all the required courses

that licensed professionals in Texas need

to renew their license. 


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Texas 6 Hour Ethics course for Social Workers 6 CEU $70


Texas 3 Hour Ethics course for Professional Counselors 3 CEU $40


Texas 3 Hour Ethics course for Chemical Dependency Counselors 3 CEU $40 


Texas 5 Hour Ethics course for Marriage and Family Therapists 5 CEU $60 


HIV, Hepatitis C, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 6 CEU $60


Clinical Supervision 3 CEU $30 




Requirements For License Renewal


Licensed Professional Counselors, LPC


24 hours of CEUs every 2 years

1 CEU Texas Jurisprudence Exam

3 CEUs of Ethics

Only 15 hours  can be completed online. 9 hours must be face-to-face learning.


Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, LCDC


LCDC with a master’s 24 CEUs /2 years

LCDC without a master’s 40 CEUs/2 years 3 CEUs of Ethics

6 CEUs (total) in HIV, Hepatitis C, and Sexually transmitted diseases

All courses can be completed online


Licensed Social Workers, BSW, MSW CSW


30 CEUs every 2 years

6 CEUs of Ethics

20 CEUs can be completed online including ethics


Marriage and Family Therapists, MFT


6 CEUs can be completed online each year

5 CEUs of Ethics, which can be completed online


Clinical Supervisors


3 CEUs Supervision Course Update


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