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Florida: Laws and Ethics for Psychologists Updated for 2020

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Course Description:

Attention Florida Psychologists and School Psychologists! This course fulfills part of the requirements for license renewal.

Updated 2/2020
The Florida Board of Psychology has determined that as a condition of licensure renewal, each licensee must complete a 3 credit course on the Florida Statutes and Rules and ethics. This course is specifically designed to satisfy that requirement. This course is based on two source documents. The first part of this course is a review of Florida Statute Chapter 490 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 64B19. This course contains the most current laws and rules – 2019; which establish the legal guidelines for the practice of psychology in the state of Florida. If you are currently a psychologist or school psychologist, you previously took an exam as a requirement for licensure. This course is an opportunity to review the laws and rules that regulate the practice of psychology in the State of Florida.
The second part of this course is a review of the American Psychological Association, APA, Code of Conduct. Updated in 2016 and going into effect on January 1, 2017.   This Code of Ethics applies to psychologists’ activities that are part of their scientific, educational and professional roles as a psychologist.  Remember the core ethical principals and standards of practice for psychology. You probably have not reviewed the Code of Ethics since graduate school. Read the APA’s Code of Ethics for a review of the foundations of our field. This course will remind you of the core principles that should guide all clinical practice, regardless of setting and client population. It is targeted for beginner, intermediate and advanced psychologists. It is also appropriate for mental health professionals from other disciplines who work in multidisciplinary teams or who are interested in another perspective on ethics.
Learning Objectives: This course will provide a professional with a review of the Florida Statutes and Rules affecting the practice of psychology and the code of ethics for psychologists. Specifically, a professional will able to:

  • Recognize key elements of Florida Statute Chapter 490.
  • Identify specifics of Florida Administrative Code Rule 64B19
  • Summarize the ethical standards to which psychologists’ work must adhere

About the Authors:  The Florida Laws and Rules (for the first document of this course, click on Florida Laws and Rules  or on the get course materials link below)

About the Authors:  American Psychological Association – has offices in all 50 states and has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. Visit them on the web at www.apa.org (for the second document for this course, click here on the APA Code of Ethics link)

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