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Creative Protocols for EMDR Therapy 2 Day Workshop by Esly Carvalho

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October 11 and 12, 2019 
Allen, TX

This presentation will highlight the Pillars of Life, a resourcing technique, adapted from the work of Dr. Carlos Raimundo, an Argentine-Australian psychiatrist/coach/ psychodramatist. Its purpose is to illustrate an additional resourcing instrument for the ever-needed growth of our therapeutic toolkit.

Utilized in the preparation phase, its structure targets resources, through the use of the positive cognitions and the VoC scale, celebrating what has been good in a person’s life and what has gone right. Very simple in its application, the Pillars of Life can be used at the beginning of the therapy process as a diagnostic tool to assess the patient’s inner resources as well as an instrument to augment and underline the necessary resources to move on to deeper therapeutic work. Oftentimes it can be utilized as an interweave, in cases of complex PTSD, when resource pendulation is required during phase 4.
A short taped session will be presented, illustrating the use of the Pillars of Life with a client. Its use as a group intervention will also be applied to the participants of the workshop. A short practicum is included. Appropriate discussion time will be allowed for questions and answers.

Presenter Bio

Esly Regina Carvalho, Ph. D. is a Brazilian-American Trainer of Trainers for the EMDR Institute and EMDR Ibero-America (EMDR IBA). She has helped bring EMDR to Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and trained professionals in Portugal and Spain. A published author and speaker (in Spanish, Portuguese and English) as well as a Psychodrama Trainer, Esly has integrated her Psychodrama background into EMDR training and clinical practice. Presently residing in Brasilia, Brazil, she directs the TraumaClinic as well as an EMDR training center where trainings are held in over 15 cities of Brazil. In 2014, she established a publishing house specifically dedicated to publishing books on EMDR, trauma and related issues. As one of its co-founders, Esly was President of EMDR Ibero-America (2007-2010; 2010-2013). Esly is married and loves those grandchildren!

Daily Timeline 
DAY 1: Friday, Oct 11, 2019 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Pillars of Life: Resource Installation
Group Protocol
Explanation of the Protocol
Q & A
Dream Protocol
Explanation of the Dream Protocol
Q & A
Healing the Folks Who Live Inside: EMDR as Role Therapy
Video (Casos dificeis #1)
Lunch (on your own)
Role Theory
Use of Folks Kit and Play of Life Kit
Demo  (Social Atom)
Day Two: Saturday,  Oct 12, 2019 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Adult Drawing Protocol
Explanation of the Protocol
Q & A
Heal Your Brain, Heal Your Body
Video Difficult Cases #2
Lunch (on your own)
Explanation of Clinical Strategies for Physical Ailments and Pain

Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the procedure of the Pillars of Life
  • Recall how the Pillars of Life can help develop new resources for the client;
  • Identify the client’s inner resources through the diagnostic aspects of the Pillars Of Life (client readiness evaluation); and use as an interweave when resource pendulation is required during Phase
  • Demonstrate and implement the Dream Protocol in their practice.
  • Apply Cognitive Interweaves for appropriate closure to dreams.
  •  Identify basic elements of Role Theory concepts and technique and how they relate to EMDR therapy protocol in order to facilitate the treatment of clients;
  •  Explain and describe how to developmentally assess, identify, map and access client roles and how to treat roles with the traditional EMDR 8 Phases;
  •  Explain what they learned, using a specially developed kit to identify clients’ roles and thence their EMDR targets in order to process inner issues/roles.
  •  Recall the need for adaptation of the traditional protocol with clients who sometimes have trouble identifying a specific scene for targeted processing;
  •  Apply the protocol adaptation with the drawings from the beginning and end of processing in one session;


Please click on the link below to register for this 2 Day Workshp:

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