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A Systematic Review of Sexual Satisfaction

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Course Description: This course is based upon material published in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology and is available as an open access article at Elsevier Doyma.

ABSTRACT  The present theoretical study is a systematic review of research publications in which sexual satisfaction was the dependent variable. After conducting a literature search in major electronic databases and following a selection process, we provide a summary of the main findings of 197 scientific papers published between 1979 and 2012. The review revealed the complexity and importance of sexual satisfaction, which was associated with the following variables and factors: a) individual variables such as socio-demographic and psychological characteristics as well as physical and psychological health status; b) variables associated with intimate relationships and sexual response; c) factors related to social support and family relationships; and d) cultural beliefs and values such as religion. In conclusion, we observed that sexual satisfaction is a key factor in individuals sexual health and overall well-being. However, despite its importance, there is a lack of theoretical models combining the most important factors to explain sexual satisfaction.

This course on sexual satisfaction is designed for social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, nurses, and substance abuse counselors, who do clinical work.  This course is appropriate for beginning, intermediate and advanced level practitioners who wish to develop their understanding of substance abuse treatment. The course material includes a literature review of individual variables, psychological characteristics and factors related to social support. It may also be useful for licensed clinicians who require clinical continuing education courses for license renewal.  

The course is based on a journal article which includes research.  It is a rather comprehensive literature review and provides the practitioners with an overview of the research published on sexual satisfaction over a period of over 30 years.  A major benefit of reading literature reviews for continuing education is they provide practitioners with the latest findings in their field. 


Authors:  del Mar Sanchez-Fuentes, Santos-Iglesias and Sierra


Learning Objectives: This course will provide the practitioner with detailed information regarding research on sexual satisfaction. Specifically, a professional will:
• Describe how socio-demographic and psychological characteristics are related to sexual satisfaction.
• Identify variables associated with intimate relationships and their correlation with sexual satisfaction.
• Recognize how cultural beliefs and religion impact sexual satisfaction.

Citation:  del Mar Sanchez-Fuentes, Santos-Iglesias and Sierra (2013). A systematic review of sexual satisfaction.  International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology (2014) 14, 67−75.


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