Competency Based Training for Agencies understands the challenges that administrators and supervisors face when attempting to ensure that all of their employees have had the competency based training that accrediting bodies require.  Our website has become a wonderful tool for agencies to utilize to accomplish this task.

Do you have a specific policy or procedure that is vital to your company’s operations?  Don’t you wish that all your employees could be trained on it rapidly and the agency could receive certification that confirms that they have obtained the information? can provide agency-based training to meet your company’s exclusive needs.

We have also developed a terrific resource to ensure and enhance compliance for your upcoming audits.  This resource is a data base driven table that can assist your agency in staff development.  The table provides information that is easily accessible to supervisors and identifies which employees are in compliance with your agency’s policy and procedures.

To learn more about how we can solve your training needs, view our powerpoint presentation.

If your an employee of Treatment Solutions Network. for instructions on how to create an employee acccount and take the aggression control course click on our online training tutorial.

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