Recipe of Life: A Relational Narrative Approach in Therapy With Persons Living With Chronic Pain

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Research on Social Work Practice, Ahead of Print.
Objective:This study aims to describe the effectiveness of applying an overarching narrative metaphor, the “spiritual seasoning of life,” among 30 older adults diagnosed with chronic pain in Hong Kong.Method:Using a qualitative inquiry approach, interviews of participants from group-based narrative therapy (NT) interventions were conducted. Thematic analysis was performed on their responses to during group sessions.Results:The practice was effective in helping the participants to (1) deconstruct their problem-saturated stories; (2) unearth their inner strengths, core values, and perceived knowledge; (3) co-construct their preferred life stories and identities; and (4) document how these participants reclaimed their meaning of life after living with chronic pain.Conclusion:Narrative conversations using such metaphors are useful to reconnect them with different relationships, their significant others, and the society as a whole and have practical implications for promoting the quality of life of people living with chronic pain in the context of recovery.  

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