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Educational and Skills-Based Interventions to Prevent Relationship Violence in Young People

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Objectives: To assess the efficacy of educational and skills-based interventions to prevent relationship and dating violence in adolescents and young adults. Methods: We searched Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, and other databases for randomized, cluster-randomized, and quasi-randomized studies of interventions to prevent relationship or dating violence. We conducted meta-analyses for episodes of relationship violence, behaviors, and attitudes. Results: We included 38 studies (15,903 participants) in this review, of which we included 33 studies in the meta-analyses. The risk ratio for episodes of relationship violence was 0.77 (95% confidence interval [CI]: [0.53, 1.13]). The standardized mean difference (SMD) for attitudes toward relationship violence was 0.06 (95% CI: [–0.01, 0.15]). The SMD for behavior related to relationship violence was –0.07 (95% CI: [–0.31, 0.16]). Subgroup analyses showed no statistically significant differences by setting or type of participants. Conclusions: We found no evidence of effectiveness of interventions on episodes violence, attitudes or behaviors.

Citation Impact Scores of Top African American Scholars in Social Work Schools: The Story Behind the Data

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U.S. tenure-track positions have steadily declined over the past 30 years and emphasis on research productivity has escalated. To achieve higher research and scholarship goals, the literature revealed that African American scholars have additional issues to overcome beyond the usual hurdles and challenges confronting other faculty. This study explored current research productivity by examining citation impact scores (h-indices) collected from Publish or Perish of African American scholars in top 25 ranked schools of social work cited in the 2012 U.S. News and World Report. The resultant sample consisted of N = 14 scholars with h-index scores of 9 and higher. Results revealed nonsignificant statistical differences between specified subgroupings, and 80% of these scholars overexceeded their respective school mean h-index scores. Future research calls for a more comprehensive knowledge of faculty research and scholarship activities overall, including unique subgroups of Social Work scholars such as African Americans.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy for Young People in Treatment for Drug Use

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Purpose: This review evaluates the evidence on the effects of brief strategic family therapy (BSFT) on drug use reduction for young people in treatment for nonopioid drug use. Method: We followed Campbell Collaboration guidelines to prepare this review and ultimately located three studies for final analysis and interpretation. Results: The results are mixed: BSFT does not seem to have better or worse effects on drug use frequency and family functioning than other treatments but has positive effects on treatment retention compared to control conditions. Longer retention in treatment has been identified as a consistent predictor of a favorable outcome from drug use treatment. Discussion: Although it is possible that the length of follow-up in the included studies was insufficient to detect significant changes, it should be noted that the evidence we found was limited, in terms of both the number of studies and their quality.

People who feel younger at heart live longer

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Research found people who felt younger than their age

lived longer than those who felt their age or older.

Are Advanced Alzheimer’s Patients Treated with Dangerous Medications?

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New studies are calling into question some of the drugs being used to treat patients who are in the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease. In part, the full effects of these drugs on many afflicted by the disease remain unknown because Alzheimer’s patients are often in a state of dementia and have no way of   …Continue Reading