Israeli Peace Nonprofits Promoting Social Good: Characteristics of Active and Inactive Organizations

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Research on Social Work Practice, Ahead of Print.
Objectives:Our aim in this article is to understand the nonprofit organizations that declared to promote social good by focusing on peace and coexistence activities and assess why some survived under challenging contexts while others became inactive.Method:The study is based on a database of peace and coexistence organizations obtained from the registrar of associations in Israel. The nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) were divided into active and inactive organizations.Results:Our key findings suggest that Israeli-registered sustained peace/coexistence NGOs are those that do not focus on meetings between people from the conflicting sides, are centrally committed to peace/coexistence, and are anchored in the Jewish sector of the state.Conclusion:Our findings pave the way for social work entrepreneurs aiming to work toward peace and coexistence to better plan the establishment and sustainability of peace and coexistence NGOs.  

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