China Social Work Professional Level Examination Pass Rates: Chronological Change and Regional Difference

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Research on Social Work Practice, Ahead of Print.
Purpose:China Social Workers’ Professional Level Examination (CSWPLE) intends to promote social work professionalization in China. It has been implemented for 10 years since 2008. The purpose of this study is to report participation and pass rates of CSWPLE and discuss the implications for social work professionalization and education in China.Method:This study drew data from the China Statistical Yearbooks and the China Civil Affairs’ Statistical Yearbooks from 2009 to 2018 and presented participation and pass rates of CSWPLE in this period from both chronological and regional perspectives.Results:A large number of examinees had earned the title of junior social worker or social worker through the examination. The fluctuation of pass rates and regional difference in pass rates were observed.Discussion:The implications for improving test development and future research on the connection between social work education and CSWPLE are discussed.  

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